IBERA IB-RA4/RA5 Mounting Arm Holder - 1 Set | IB-RA5-NUT

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Mounting Arm Holder - Replacement parts for IBERA carrier rack IB-RA4/RA5.

The IB-RA4 rack is for bikes with no disk brakes. It is extremely durable and ideal for long tours with heavy equipment. The IB-RA5 rack supports disk-brake equipped bikes. Both frame-mounted racks carry up to 25 kg (55 lb). Both racks include a reflector attachable option for enhanced nighttime safety.

Note: One set of arm holder can be used on one arm. Two sets of arm holders for both of the arms (Right and Left). 

Mounting Arm Holder Features:

  • Included: Screws, washer, hard plastic connectors
  • Rack Compatibility: Fits IB-RA4 and IB-RA5