IBERA Black Replacement Rods - IB-RA4/RA5 Carrier Rack

Size: 11 INCHES
Sale price$9.99


Ibera Black Replacement Rods - One Pair for our IB-RA4/RA5 carrier rack. Attaches from the front of the rack (closest to the seat) to the back seat stays (holes or p-clips/p-clamps) on the bike. In addition, the rods are made of a durable aluminum that gives the rods an extensive life span.

  • 2 replacement rods
  • For specific racks pictured
  • Different lengths offered


Ibera Black Replacement Rods Features

  • Material: Durable Lightweight Heat-treated Aluminum
  • Lengths:  9" and 11"
  • Rack Compatibility: Fits IBERA IB-RA5 and IB-RA4


Note: Rack not included. / Check current rods for length first. / Racks may come with extended rods already.


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