IBERA Taillight Rack Bracket - IB-RA6 and IB-RA11

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Replacement taillight rack bracket to allow you to mount your own taillight. Specifically for both IB-RA6 and IB-RA11 rack (pictured)

  • Note: Rack not included with Ibera Bike Replacement Taillight Rack Bracket.

IB-RA6 Details:

Mini seatpost-mounted bike commuter carrier that is designed for casual cycling and commuting to work or school. Fits most bikes but especially suited to folding & small-wheeled bikes. Carries up to 22 lbs, rubber sizing shims included, reflector attachable, TIG-welded, heat-treated, anodized aluminum. Also supports taillight rack brakets.

IB-RA11 Rack Details: 

Ibera Bike Seatpost-Mounted Commuter Carrier allows for light, top loads. Secure and easy to use. Compatible with most bikes. Compatible with Ibera PakRak trunk bag and eco-friendly reusable bag or strap-attached bags. Also supports taillight rack brakets.

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