Ibera Carrier Rack Replacement Rings | IB-RA-Rings

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Ibera Carrier Rack Replacement Rings - Orange

  • For IB-RA1, IB-RA4, IB-RA5, IB-RA6, IB-RA15 rack (pictured)
  • Included: Replacement Rings x2

Note: Rack not included

These Carrier Rack Replacement Rings are designed for a number of Ibera Carrier Racks. Carrier racks provide a platform for carrying cargo, making it easier to transport various items. These items include groceries, bags, backpacks, and even larger items like camping gear or sports equipment. This can be especially useful for commuters and cyclists who run errands by bike.

Carrying cargo on a carrier rack is more convenient than wearing a heavy backpack, which can lead to discomfort and sweating during rides. With a rack, you can securely strap down your belongings and enjoy a more comfortable journey.


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