IB-RA5 Mounting Legs, Spacers, Bolts | IB-RA5-LEG SET

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Accessories package of mounting legs, screws, spacers, and bolts designed for IB-RA5.

  • Specifically for IB-RA5 rack (pictured)
  • Included: IB-RA5 Mounting Legs x 2, Spacers x 2, Long Bolts x 2, Short Bolts x 4, Washers x 6
  • Note: Rack not included with mounting legs package.


Made for disk-brake equipped bikes. Quick-Release clips on and releases within 3 seconds - no straps required! In addition, integrated hand carrying strap & detachable padded shoulder strap are included for off-road use. The shoulder strap stores easily in a mesh pocket beneath the bag cover.

Also, the main compartment offers storage space for books, small laptops, cycling gear, or tools. Additional storage for small items: side & rear pockets, zippered pouch, and external bungee cords. Supports additional mounting legs and spacers package.


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