IB-RA4 Mounting Legs Package | IB-RA4-LEG SET

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IB-RA4 Mounting Legs Package for mounting legs, with screws and plate set.

  • Specifically for IB-RA4 rack (pictured)
  • Included: IB-RA4 Mounting Legs x2, Strap Hook Plate x2, Short Hook Bolts x8

IB-RA4 Details:

Carrier for bikes that do not use disk brakes. It has a reflector attachable option for enhanced nighttime safety. It is also extremely durable and ideal for long tours with heavy equipment. A quick-release bag mounting system allows for easy bag removal. The carrier is able to support 26"-29" frames. Finally, allows for Ibera trunk bags or baskets to be mounted in conjunction with Ibera panniers.

Note: Rack not included with IB-RA4 Mounting Legs Package



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