IB-RA15 Mounting Legs and Screws Package | IB-RA15-LEG SET

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Accessories package for mounting legs, with screws and washers set.

  • Specifically for IB-RA15 rack (pictured)

IB-RA-15 Carrier Rack Details:

Carrier rack is frame-mounted for heavier top and side loads, carrying up to 25 kg (55 lbs). It also features a top plate that acts as a rear fender and splash guard, and the seat stay rods that are length adjustable. In addition, it uses a non disc brake mount. The Ibera rack's quick-release bag mounting system also has adjustable height, and fits most 26"-29" frames. It includes a top plate that acts as a rear fender and splashguard for wet conditions.

Note: Rack not included with Mounting Legs and Screws Package


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