Control Tech Falcon ±5° Stem | RAS-88

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Control Tech Falcon Stem covers the whole road market. From serious racers to weekend warriors, and everyone in between: all can ride with perfect control

Controltech products address the three biggest issues first: low weight, for the fastest responses and superior performance; high stiffness, for the most efficient power transfer and accurate handling; and engineered-in compliance, to reduce rider fatigue and increase comfort. In fact, our superlight road components are so strong and rugged they work for cyclocross use too.

  • The unique square tubular stem body adds an aerodynamic edge to your riding, as well as giving your bike a contemporary aesthetic. 
  • That aero appeal also continues with the 6061 aluminum stem caps: its low-profile design contributes to the wind-cheating performance.
  • 6061 aluminum strikes a good balance between stiffness and comfort.
  • 5° stem can be flipped for further aerodynamics or sit-up comfort.
  • 10mm stem spacer gives a smooth transition from the stem to the headset top cover.
  • In addition, comes in six sizes – 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130mm – for more comfort and better handling whatever your size and style of riding.
  • Also Weighs just 138g.

Control Tech Falcon Stem Features

  • Made For:Road racing, sportive riding and cyclocross
  • Material:6061 aluminum
  • Bolts:SCM-435 steel
  • Rise:+/-5°
  • Length:80/90/100/110/120/130mm
  • Clamp Diameter:31.8mm
  • Weight:138g (90mm option)
  • Color:Red/Gray