BV Kickstand for Bikes 24" - 29", Spring-Loaded Latch | BV-KA76

Color: Silver
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The KA76 BV kickstand for bikes is a unique patented design that features a hidden adjustability latch. The spring-loaded latch lifts up, allowing the foot to smoothly glide along with the kickstand and lock into place when the latch is closed. Also, a steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off completely and deters vandals.

In addition, you can adjust the kickstand without any tools, anywhere, anytime. Non-slip sole and wide reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud. In addition, it supports any angle stance to balance bikes on uneven ground.

  • Easy install and adjustable
  • Fits most lightweight, midweight and cruiser bicycles 24" to 29"
  • Also includes reinforced plastic non slip foot
  • Silver and black variants - Both pictured in included images


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Bicycle size: 24"-29"
  • Dimensions: 14"-16.5" x 0.5"-2" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs
  • Parts Included: Kickstand x 1, Long bolt x 1, Short bolt x 1, Metal bracket x 1, Washer x 1


Please make sure there is enough space to install the center kickstand before purchasing. If not, the center kickstand might hit the pedal if there is not enough space.


BV Kickstand for Bikes Installation Instructions:


Two ways of installation

a. Locate your chain stays.

b. Check if you have a mounting plate (flat plate with a hole for screw) between your chain stay. If you do, go to the 1st right image. If you don't, go to the 2nd right image.


Bicycle with a mounting plate (Use short bolt)

  1. First, remove the screw, washer and metal bracket off the top of the kickstand.
  2. Next, place the kickstand underneath the plate, adjust the height by pushing the lever. (To further lock into place. using the Allen key to tighten the flat screw underneath the latch.)
  3. Finally, place a screw in the hole to match with the kickstand and tighten by an Allen key or wrench.

A bicycle without mounting plate (Use long bolt)

  1. First, remove screw, washer and metal bracket.
  2. Next, place the kickstand between the chain stays.
  3. Place the metal bracket on top of the chain stays.
  4. Finally, tighten the kickstand by tightening the screw and washer with a wrench.



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