BV Bike Hitch Rack Short Hook Replacement | BV-HR01-2-Short Hook

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BV Hitch Rack Short Hook Replacement Part.

  • ONLY compatible for BV-HR01-2 and BV-HR02-4
  • Car Rack not included
  • Short Hook Replacement Compatibility: Bike Hitch Rack BV-HR01-2 and BV-HR02-4

BV-HR01-2 Carrier Details:

Each bike is secured by the three-point connection system – two tray-style arms on the bottom and one vertical arm on top. Not only can you firmly hold your bike in place, but the padded arms can also protect your bike from scratches. This rack additionally offers patented 2-way anti-wobble system, eliminating the wobbling between the rack and hitch. Finally, with the carrier hitch rack, you can carry your bikes everywhere. 

BV-HR02-4 Carrier Details:

The BV bike carrier hitch rack offers the most effortless way to transport your bikes. Moreover, the tilt backward design enables users to open the rear gates without detaching the hitch rack. Carry your bikes anywhere with ease using the BV bike carrier hitch rack! Works with the bike hitch pin replacement kit.


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