BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Peloton Bike, 9° Float/0° Fixed | BV-CT-01-DT

Style: 9 Degree Float
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 The right cycling cleats can make you enjoy spinning class to the greatest. With BV Cleats with Peloton Bike, 9° Float, you will experience a more comfortable, efficient and safer ride! 

Easy to install and adjust to the cleat position on the bottom of shoes.

It also fits most road bike cycling shoes with a 3-hole design for ultimate stability.

In addition, the super-smooth and easy entry/exit into your clipless pedals provides excellent durability.

9-degree float system (Red) for your riding comfort to avoid injury.

0-degree fixed float system (Black) help to make cleats to stay in place, good for experienced cyclists.

*** Not compatible with "Keo" system and "Shimano" system ***

  • 9 Degree Float/0 Degree Fixed
  • Achieve maximum power transfer and riding stability with our Look Delta and Peloton cleats, compatible with road and indoor cycling shoes
  • Our cleats also come with everything you need for quick and simple installation, including cleat washers and bolts
  • Take your peloton or road bike to the next level with our heavy-duty, versatile cleats that are also compatible with spin shoes, SPD, and other systems

BV Cleats with Peloton Bike, 90° Float Features

         Compatibility: Look Delta and Peloton system pedals

         Item Weight: 3.2 oz

         Pack Includes: Cleat x2, Gasket x6, Screw x6


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