Airace Bluetooth IWINDPRO Road Compact Pump

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This Bluetooth road compact pump provides excellent functionality and useful monitoring capibility. With Bluetooth capability, you can monitor pressure with ease. Weighing on 128g, this pump will not add too much weight to your bike.

Airace Bluetooth Iwindpro Road Compact Pump Features:

  • We have two type for this pump: road bike and mountain bike
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Pressure can be read on smart mobile devices via Bluetooth using IGAUGE App.
  • CNC aluminum mini pump - Thumb-lock clever twin valve
  • Secure-sealed Presta valve will not disengage under high pressure
  • Fit Presta / Shrader / Dunlop and E/V - Easy engaged
  • 29cm, 128g
  • 120 PSI (8 bars)