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IBERA Bike Touring Carrier Plus+ Rack DISK BRAKE


IBERA Bike Touring Carrier Plus+ Rack is for disk-brake equipped bikes, and carries up to 25 kg (55 lb). Our reflector is attachable. The rack is made with TIG-welded, heat-treated, anodized aluminum. Also compatible with Ibera PakRak trunk bags, eco-friendly reusable bags and side pannier bags or strap-on bags. Allows Ibera trunk bags and eco-friendly reusable bags to be mounted with Ibera panniers simultaneously. Also compatible with strap-attached bags and panniers.

  • Frame-mounted for heavier top & side loads
  • Compatible with many types of bags
  • Fits most frames





Material: Durable lightweight heat-treated aluminum

Dimensions(L x W x H): 15.5" x 5.5" x 15.5"(9" at its widest), 14.5" - 15.5" adjustable height

Mount Type: Frame-mounted for heavier top & side loads with disk mounts. Quick-release bag mounting system (bags not included)

Load weight: Carries up to 55 lb (25kg)

Rack Weight: 1.67 lbs / 760g

Compatibility: Pannier bags - IB-BA1, IB-BA3, IB-BA4, IB-BA7, IB-BA8, IB-BA9; Reusable bags - IB-BK1, IB-BA1, IB-BA3, IB-BK1; strap attached bags