Airace Extra CO2 Tank Refill for Select Airace Mini CO2 Pumps

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Airace extra CO2 tank refill for select Airace mini CO2 pumps. Secure & safe screw-on valve connection delivers no leaks when inflating. Designed for 'threaded' cartridges only. CO2 pumps provide rapid tire inflation, allowing you to quickly get back on the road or trail. When you have a flat tire during a ride, time is of the essence, and a CO2 pump can save you valuable minutes compared to using a hand pump.

 CO2 pumps are also straightforward to operate. They typically come with a simple valve head that attaches to the tire's valve, allowing you to release the CO2 gas quickly and accurately.

No manual effort required: Unlike traditional hand pumps that require physical effort to inflate the tire, a CO2 pump with a tank refill relies on the pressurized gas cartridge to do the work. This is especially helpful if you're physically tired or lack the strength to use a hand pump effectively.

Airace Extra CO2 Tank Refill Features

  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Compatibility: Turbo Micro, Turbo Road/CO, Turbo Mountain/CO
  • 16G CO2 Cartridge with thread

Note: Mini pump NOT included.