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BV Bike Cleats Compatible with LOOK KEO, 9 Degree Float

by BV

BV Cleats are super-smooth and easy entry/exit into your clipless pedals, have excellent durability, and provide maximum power transfer. They are made of a tough and light composite material, and even have areas that grip for walking traction. The cleats split in half so simply remove each half and use the half still on the shoe to ensure perfect cleat placement every time. The two-part BV cleats allow for precise positioning when charging the clip-out angle or when replacing due to wear. Front and rear of the cleats can be changed separately for EXACT and quick replacement


  • 0 Degree Float Interchangeable Rear Section
  • High traction walking surface
  • Easy to use




Dimensions (H, L, W): 1.18-2.48in x 2.68in x 0.2-0.5in (3-6.3cm x 6.8cm x 0.5-1.3cm)

Weight: 4 oz

Compatibility: Road Pedal Cleats, LOOK KEO


Step 1 - To maintain the exact cleat position when changing the clip-out angle rear section, or replacing cleats due to wear, remove and replace the rear section.

Step 2 - Change the front section. This will ensure the replacement is located in the same position as the replaced cleat.