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BV Super Bright Bike Light Set, USB Rechargeable Water-Resistant IP44, German StVZO Approved

by BV

BV Bike Safety Lights lets you illuminate the street 9 meters ahead in addition to a red 0.2 watt LED backlight. Keep yourself visible and safe while cycling at night. This bicycle light can be mounted to the bicycle using the click stems quickly and is just as easily removed from the bicycle. This rechargeable lamp set, which differs from the traditional and traditional lamps with mirrors, in which the light is collected and focused in all directions, emits the light only with a shallow wide-angle in front of the LED. Therefore, oncoming traffic participants are not dazed by the light. Thanks to the Li-Ion battery, the rear light is also rechargeable, so that you can now recharge all the electronics that you have mounted on the bike via USB.

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Rechargeable
  • Front and back lights




Light Modes: Headlight - Steady - 1/2 Steady - 1/4 Steady - Off, Taillight - Steady - Off

Batteries: Rechargeable

Set Includes: 1 watt white LED headlamp + 0.2 watt red LED backlight

Visibility: 9 meters ahead