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AIRACE Mini 2-in-1 CO2 Inflator & Hand Pump | AC-05


This item is a dual-purpose necessity while riding your bike!

The 2-in-2 CO2 tire inflator works also as a mini hand pump that works for road bikes or mountain bikes.

Just twist the CO2 cartridge to control the air release into the tire. To puncture the CO2 cartridge, screw the tank tightly into the pump head. Twist the cartridge back to release the air, and twist the cartridge forward to stop releasing air.

Can be used interchangeably between Presta and Dunlop air valves.

The inflator comes with a detachable CO2 cartridge sleeve for easy grip when in use.

Valve for hand pump: push the locking ring up towards the pump head to not interfere with the pump while inflating the tire.

Steps to mount the pump on the bike:

  • Step 1: Attach mounting bracket onto the bike frame

  • Step 2: Clip the pump into the bracket

  • Step 3: Wrap the rubber band around the pump (from one side of the bracket) and then fix the band on the other side of the bracket and pump

  • Step 4: Make sure the locking ring securely keeps the pump end snug into place.



  • Valve Type: Reversible Presta and Dunlop Air Valves

  • CO2 Cartridge: Size: 16 Grams with Thread

  • Mount Type Included: Mounting Bracket and 2 Screws

  • Pump Dimensions(L, H, W): 0.88-1.4* in x 9 in x 0.88 in (2.2-3.6* cm x 22.9 cm x 2.2 cm)

  • Sleeve Dimensions (L, H, W): 1.1 in x 2.2 in x 1.1 in (2.8 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.8 cm)

  • Weight: Micro Pump Inflator: 3.6 oz (0.23 lb), CO2 Cartridge Sleeve: 0.2 oz (0.02 lb), Micro Pump Inflator, CO2 Cartridge Sleeve and Mounting Accessories: 4.6 oz (0.29 lb)

  • Color: Bronze

  • Item Number: AI-AC-05

*Length varies from pump barrel to pump head at the top of the mini pump.