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AIRACE Aluminum Floor Tire Pump Air Suspension Shock Inflator | AF-16

    • Innovative floor pump for both air-suspension shock and tire
    • Advanced technology for "TOP THIN BOTTOM FAT" outlook.
    • Aluminum pump head for both "shock & tire"
    • Stainless braided hose
    • Air-bleeder for 2-3 psi air-pressure control for shock
    • 2-Tone handle
    • Max. pressure 300 psi
  • 2.5'' gauge

The AIRACE white floor tire pump owns plenty of features including a handle covered with a rubber layer for simple and comfortable pumping, an advanced base providing stability, and an all-fit valve head for multiple cycling purposes.

Patented pump valve head for both “Shock and Tire” uses. The pump head can inflate the air suspension shocks, inflate Presta or Schrader tires, has additional mini hose for inflation, and contains an air bleeder that has a 2-3 PSI air-pressure control for micro correcting.

It’s easy to read chronograph-like pressure gauge shows PSI and Bar levels.

The stainless-steel hose with a clear covering is long enough for easy inflation, and you can fix the hose back into the hose duck tightly without moving around.

The maximum pressure is up to 300 psi, which should perfectly fit your needs.

Can be used on bikes interchangeably with Presta and Schrader air valves.

Steps to mount pump on air suspension shock: Step 1 – Rotate hose 180 degrees to inflate shock. Step 2 – Engage with pump head’s shock valve until the gauge reads the shock’s inside pressure (as inflating).

Note: If inflating tire by pump head’s mini hose, make sure the hose stays fully attached by the pump head’s hook to avoid any air leaking while in use.

Additional Features:

    • Innovative floor pump for both air suspension shocks and tires!

    • Patented pump head for both “shock and tire”

    • Aluminum barrel and die-casted base

    • Stainless-steel and clear coating hose

    • Air-bleeder for 2–3 psi air-pressure control and thumb-lock lever

    • The barrel’s “thin top and fat bottom” design adds additional stability when pump is positioned flat on the ground

    • A large 2.5 in gauge reads up to 300 psi (21 bar)

    • Maximum pressure is 300 psi (21 bar)