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Employer: BV USA Enterprises, Inc.

Job location:   1680-1682 Carmen Dr, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Post Date:  02/26/2021

Job title: Senior Database Administrator

Job duties:

Collect, maintain, and organize streaming sales data and accounting data; use tools for organizing unstructured and streaming big data obtained from and our other sale sites; setup and maintain company internal servers, including NetSuite, Company Cloud Drive, and Amazon Database Server; secure, backup and manage the company’s accounting database; develop measures to protect the company’s internal data and ensure that the company accounting and customer information databases are accurate and secure; setup and maintain company cloud HDD for company internal documents and shared documents with the goals of providing ample storage, increased safety and reliability, easier backups and reduced company costs; develop and maintain company internal SQL Database software, connect to Amazon API to retrieve the most accurate sales data; develop SQL Database integrated with Amazon API to download sales data directly from the Amazon Database system.

Job Requirements: Master’s degree in computer science or other closely related field, plus one year of related experience as a Database Administrator.

Apply to: BV USA Enterprises, Inc., 1680-1682 Carmen Dr, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007