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AIRACE Bike High-Tech Digital Tire Gauge, Presta & Schrader | AG-01



  • Max. Pressure: 300 PSI (21 Bar)

  • Valve Type: Reversable Presta and Schrader Valves - See Demo Photo for Switching

  • Pump Dimensions(L, H, W): 1.44 in x 3.13 in x 0.75 in (3.66 cm x 7.95 cm x 1.91 cm)

  • Color: Black

  • Weight: 1.6 oz (0.1 lbs)

  • Item Number: AI-AG-01


This multi-purpose high-tech tire gauge with an LCD digital screen allows the cyclist to read their tire pressure whenever they need to!

On each side of the gauge head, there is a Presta air valve and a Schrader valve.


  • Max air pressure up tp 300 PSI (21 Bar)

  • Twin-Valve Chamber for Presta and Schrader Air Valves

  • High-Tech LCD Digital Tire Gauge

  • Unit switch function button between psi, bar and KG/CM2