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BV Bike Adjustable and Foldable Double Leg Kickstand | BV-KA56-BK


BV black adjustable and the foldable double-leg kickstand is a sturdy way to prop the bike when not riding.

The double kickstand protects bike chains from getting caught when lowering kickstand to the ground.

Adjustable height for bicycle sizes 24"-28". Patented design. For trekking, mountain, or city riding.

Note: Not for use on E-Bikes.



  • Bicycle Sizes: Adjustable Height for Bike Sizes 24"-28"

  • Color: ED Black

  • Weight: 1.19 lbs (540 g)

  • Bike Compatibility: City/Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Trekking Bikes

  • Item Number: BV-KA56-BK