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AIRACE Bike Set of 3 Plastic Black Dual Mini Tire Levers


Airace mini plastic tire levers make replacing a tire easy and quick. Ergonomically shaped lever for comfort grip. Each lever snaps together (one on top of the other) for easy transportation while riding your bike!

How to Use:  

  • Step 1: Insert the first lever into the tire and fix it on the spoke
  • Step 2: Use the second tire lever to pry the tire off the rim

Note: This product includes three mini tire levers


Additional Features: 

  • Black plastic set of tire levers. Snap together for transportation
  • Set of three


  • Material: Plastic Levers
  • Package Includes: Set of Three Levers
  • Lever Dimensions(Per Lever): 4.5 in x 0.31 in x 0.75 in (11.4 cm x 0.79 cm x 1.91 cm) - Each
  • Screen Size: 4.3"
  • Weight: 0.4 oz (0.025 lb) - Each, 1.1 oz (0.1 lb) - Full Set of Three
  • Color: Black